Skillful drawing board

Skillful drawing board

Skillful drawing board is an application that can increase your motor skills. You will handle two wheels – first one move the pencil horizontally and second vertically. Arbitrary curves can be done by moving both of them simultaneously. Are you able to draw a circle? Let’s test it!

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Use wheels to draw shapes – left wheel moves the pencil horizontally, right wheel vertically.
Train your motor skills – you can outline predefined shapes or create a completely new ones.
Select one of training shapes to improve – you are provided with rectangle, triangle, hour-glass and house.
Are you able to write down your name just from scratch or you will need a little training:-)?
Challenge friends – whose shape is closer to predefined?


  • Use wheels to draw.
  • Shake device to clear screen.
  • Drag pen to select starting point.
  • Double-tap screen to show/hide pen.
  • Tap button with training shapes to cycle trough them.
  • Swipe up/down to select previous/next training shape.


In app snapshots:


The application is available for iPhone/iPad devices via App Store. We want to develop application for you. So, if you want some extension or if you like this app, please, send us your feedback!