Puzzle Trains

Puzzle Trains

Puzzle Trains is an easy and intuitive iPhone, iPad and Android game designed for kids of all ages to improve their logic and thinking skills. On the other hand, everybody can have fun with it as well;-) Select a train you want to play with, assemble it and make it move!


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How does Puzzle Trains work?

  1. Select a train you want to assemble by tapping a button in the menu.Puzzle Trains: select
  2. Your task is to assemble all wagons of the train. Each wagon is consisted of 4 parts are various number of wheels. To set a wagon together, you have to find the correct positions for all four parts.Puzzle Trains: assemble
  3. The most challenging part is to place the wagon’s wheels. But if you are correct the train starts moving and smoking :-)Puzzle Trains: place wheels

You are provided two complete trains (summer and winter variants) without any limitation and for free! Feel free to enjoy assembling all parts of the train.
If you like our application, you can then buy another trains in different visual styles (desert, circus, night, ocean, space, dino).


Your feedback is valuable for us! Please, send us one via AppStore, Google Play, Facebook fan page or email in order to improve Puzzle Trains. Thank you!

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