Birds Drawing Board


Birds Drawing Board is a simple drawing application designed for children. You can select from 4 different pastel colors (red, green, blue, yellow) and 2 different brush sizes.


Everybody can easily draw something or to make things more interesting to color the outlines of our snowbuntings crew.


After your drawing is finished it can be sent via MMS or just to be stored locally in your mobile device.

We tested the application on our children and all of them spent their time full of fun. So why not to give it a try?;-)


Your feedback is valuable for us. Please, send us one via AppStore, Facebook fan page or email. Thank you!


snowbuntings crew

DrawBuntings: dottie DrawBuntings: cecil DrawBuntings: bub DrawBuntings: mimi
Dottie (smart and cute) Cecil (agile) Bub (strong) Mimi (someone to take care of)
DrawBuntings: dr. cross
Dr. Cross (evil)


In app screenshots – iPhone

In app screenshots – iPad


This application is distributed for free! If you would like to support a development of another game, you can send a donation from the home page. Thank you!